5 Mindset Shifts To Change Your Life

5 Mindset Shifts To Change Your Life

'The mind is a magical mirror; adjust it and you will see a beautiful world.'The mind can go in a thousand directions, but on this beautiful path, I walk in peace. With each step, the wind blows. With each step, a flower blooms.'

 Just like how I opened my most previous post, it's been a long while and I'm sorry. I continued to remain really scared of writing and sharing. I became terrified of sharing my truth, frightened to lay bare my vulnerabilities and afraid of what you, reading this right now, may think or do! It's so silly but in a way I became most afraid of what could happen..what someone could say, what someone could think and what someone could do but living in fear is no way to live and if I want to share my truth and inspire others than I have to embrace those fears and accept that they aren't going to just leave. I often feel like an imposter when I write on this but a lovely soul recently advised me that just because I haven't completed my journey yet, doesn't mean I can't try to live and embrace my dreams! I may feel like a hypocrite trying to give advice and wisdom that I can't even apply to myself at times, but that in itself is part of the journey; both mine and yours whatever that winding path may be for you. If we constantly wait until we are ready, we will simply run out of time. Today's post is all about shifts we can make in our thinking and how we can try to improve our life through altering our way of thinking. These are just some little things I have learned through different books, people and experiences. I am absolutely not an expert and still very much trying to adopt and remember these powerful tools but I hope that I may be able to help you in some way and hopefully allow you to live a happier, more loving, whole life <3

Think of Yourself Less 
'Love only grows by sharing. You can only have more for yourself by giving it away to others'. While I am trying so hard to understand that one can not pour from an empty cup, I have always believed in and dreamed of helping and giving to others. I was recently watching a Yes Theory video with the Dalai Lama and his response to their question initially really upset me until I realised that the only reason it hurt was because it was true. It confronted my mind's attachment to its own suffering. One of my worst nightmares is to be viewed as or become a selfish person, however, mental anguish and, according to him even some mental illnesses, can be seen as an adapted extension of self-centredness. Even trying to explain this I feel upset because it makes me feel so so guilty. As someone who is recovering from mental illness and who has taken years to allow in the possibility that it's presence is not my fault, I find this learning throws me further into self hatred and disgust, but I don't think that that is what the Dalai Lama intends for people to feel either. I think his message meant that at times, as humans, we can become so wrapped up in our own little worlds that we forget about the one that is coexisting all around us. Such self-absorption can conceal the truth of reality and often our own thoughts and feelings become our basis of existence. What does your thinking look like? I don't think of you as much as you think of you, and you don't think of me as much as I think of me; the paradox is that I think of me so much because I worry about what you think of me and you think of you so much because you worry about what I think of you...yet we aren't really thinking of one another at all. We often only ever think about another when we are thinking about what another is thinking about us...I don't think my mind even understands that sentence hehehe. It is self centred, we are not thinking of the world, we are thinking of our world. We are thinking of a world which we have created in our mind that revolves around us; our core beliefs, our ingrained values and our inherent system of thinking. I think the Dalai Lama's teaching hurts so much because as human beings, it is in our intrinsic nature to think of ourselves. We are born alone and we die alone and so of course we view the world through our own perceptive spectacles. However, over the last few decades and centuries, the quality of the frames in which we view ourselves have dwindled, and thus we don't just think of ourselves...we hate, berate, attack and abhor ourselves. Such a grand statement, that our thinking has become self-centred and is the root of unhappiness, pain and even mental illness is perhaps so obscene only because it may be true. I don't think it is fair or accurate to say that mental illness is wholly self-centred. I am still learning and trying to accept the possibility that my own harmful thoughts are not selfish or self-centred but perhaps the instilled beliefs of which create such thoughts stem from a self-centred focus. I really don't know if any of this has made any sense ahhhh I don't think it makes sense to me but in my heart it does a little! Aside from the deep philosophical aspects of altruism and selflessness, giving to others also just makes you feel really happy, warm and fuzzy (you may like my previous post 'The Gift of Giving'). As we grow older most people do prefer to give rather than receive because knowing that you are responsible for another's smile is often a million billion trillion times more magical than being a receiver. I was doing some research on this and I just learned that a study has concluded a very high correlation between early death and a disproportionately high use of personal pronouns (me, myself, I)...if that isn't a reason to be more selfless I don't know what is!

Choose Your Thoughts
'We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves'. Our words are powerful magnetic beings of energy. Perhaps the two most powerful words in the universe are 'I am', because what follows, becomes. Our words have the ability to plant gardens but equally contain the potency to burn forests down. What we think, we become. What we affirm, we attract. It all sounds a bit metaphysical and allusive but whenever I start to doubt the power of my own voice and the sounds it emanates, I consider the influence of one single word; 'love'. As beings we are all really just craving and hoping for one thing; love. While love comes in different forms and doesn't always have to be verbal to be expressed, how many lives have been blessed, altered and benefited from the 3 syllables and 8 letters of 'I love you'. Isn't that powerful?! What's even more magical, is that each and every word which leaves our lips holds a vibrational energy. We understand the language of our tongues and so when we speak words of compassion and grace we emit a high positive frequency, but, when we speak words of bitterness and anger, we emit a low negative frequency. (I am trying to get into daily affirmations and the power of words more. I can't wait to write about my results and the power of the words in which I choose). A universal example which may help to understand: have you ever been at a party or about to go out with friends and you feel tired and fed up? You don't want to get ready, you don't feel excited to have fun, you just want to sit in front of the fire and watch Netflix like every single other night. But then, you get a phone call from your best friend and they completely change your mind frame. They tell you 'tonight is going to be amazing, we are going to have so much fun, you deserve to go out and have fun, you are beautiful and young and you only live once'. Suddenly that sense of dread morphs into pure glee. You play your favourite happy music and within the space of 60 seconds, your reality has altered from a negative to a positive state! It takes time and practice and a lot of trust to really implement this. Reading about quantum physics and learning of scientific experiments really allows my mind to trust this truth. I love watching videos on the rice experiment...soooo amazing!! Ok I've gotten so excited since writing these words and have convinced myself to do my own little rice experiment, create my own affirmation cards (perhaps I can create a deck of cards that I could share with you) and dive deeper into the magical power of our words!

Be Here Now
Be thankful for this moment, this moment is your life. This moment is all we have. I know it's such cliche to 'live in the moment' but it is true. As a recovering worrier, over thinker and perfectionistic planner (heheh genuinely think those should be things we should all try to be actively recovering from), living in the essence of each fleeting moment can be new and at times even scary. But as a beautiful angel told me recently; fear, nervousness and anxiety are all just feelings, tied together by a core thread of excitement. Each moment, being and thing is neutral, but the way in which we perceive it defines whether we experience it as positive or negative. For example, do you ever just look at something (for me it always seems to be when I look at trees) and see this object's meaning completely transform within your mind. It suddenly looses all pre-instilled objective meaning and it becomes so new, so raw, so complete and beautiful. The tree is no longer just a tree but it is suddenly an extension of yourself; a being of life with its own intricate soul. Or for example do you ever repeat a word so many times that it looses all context? Suddenly it no longer represents anything but a random collection of sounds from within. I am recently trying to apply this way of perception to every day little moments. Is it really that bad that it is raining or is it just because I have trained my perceptive mind to view it as a symbol of pain? Is my reflection in the mirror really so revolting or do I perceive that just because it is a pattern of thoughts that feel so real because I have trained my mind to believe that they are real. So many teachers say, 'change your thoughts and you will change your experienced reality' and that teaching is becoming more and more apparent everyday. If both psychiatrists, quantum physicists and spiritual healers are telling us to change the way we look at things and the things we look at will change..then it has to be true. Each moment is constant but the way in which we view it is fluid. That malleability itself is the very power that influences the stream of following moments which in whole create this very life. If you look in the mirror and cry at your reflection; the moments following that will be horrible...influenced by your own decision to believe something as negative. But, if you look in the mirror and smile at your beauty and inherent worth; the moments following that will be beautiful. Of course this can be so really tricky. How does one continue to smile upon hearing the news of a tragedy? How does one rejoice in the beauty of this world when they have just lost their home? How does one delight over their body when they can physically see it with their own two eyes as something to hate? Suffering, sadness and pain are inevitable but I think the importance of this teaching is learning that while we can and should embrace every moment and emotion, we should try our best to not allow our minds to attach to any agony. To feel, embrace and release. 

Rewrite Your Script
'If your mind carries a heavy burden of past, you will experience more of the same. The past perpetuates itself through lack of presence. The quality of your consciousness at this moment is what shapes the future'. In continuation of the last point, when we attach to the perceived pain of a moment, we can unfortunately subconsciously give that pain the space to grow; like a weed. If we allow the pain of one moment to manifest and transmute into every following moment, we carry a pain that eventually becomes meaningless. Suddenly years later, we realise that we are still holding the pain from a moment that occurred when we were young. That very pain becomes a filter of which we view our reality; thus creating more negative perceptions, and as a result more pain. It becomes the script of which we play out our life and anything that does not coincide with that script is either rejected our altered to align with our own truths...not the truth. Perhaps you may know someone who constantly seems to end up with draining or manipulating partners? This person may have an unknown internal script that they don't deserve love, perhaps something as small yet mighty as being rejected from a hug as a child created this belief system, and thus this person may continue to subconsciously attract horrible painful relationships and deny themselves of true happiness and love. Of course it is never obvious on a surface level but deep down when we dig, we can often realise that there is an underlying crux of held heartache. It's a vicious cycle that we all can and hopefully will evade through mindfulness, forgiveness, self compassion and love. I remember talking with someone once and I told them about something, which looking back now is so minor, from my past. I cried and cried and cried, over ten years later I still held so much pain from that moment and unknowingly, that moment had impacted on my belief system and infected the way in which I perceived my reality. Through recognising the attachment to that pain it became easier to understand why I have certain thoughts and beliefs..traced back to a single moment years ago! Is there any moment you can think of of which you still carry the emotions? Could you forgive the person/yourself, have compassion for your past self and notice how it impacts on your current life viewpoint? Then, can you let it go? It may take time to let such wounds fully heal, especially if they are deeply engrained, but I believe that even just cultivating attention and awareness is so truly powerful in itself. If you would like to learn more about this, I can not recommend 'The Power of Now' by Eckart Tolle enough..it is truly a life changing book! If you are unable to access it or perhaps don't like reading, he also has some amazing podcasts in which he also explains his teachings and outlooks!

This Too Shall Pass
Suffering is inevitable. Life is beautiful but it is also hard and then it is beautiful again and then it is hard. Life is in constant flow, a constant without any constancy hehe! No pain lasts forever and nor does any bliss, but in that realisation itself, we can find peace and joy. It is hard to remind yourself and trust that this pain is temporary. Some dark tunnels seem so deep and never-ending but I fell in love with this quote the first time I heard it and I think this alone can offer so much hope, 'the pain you have been feeling can not be compared to the joy that is coming'. I love to think of life as a heart monitor thing (so sorry I have no idea what this is actually called). Our hearts, the very essence of life itself, go up and down up and down...it's the natural flow of life. If we can remember that in times of pain and rejoice in it with gratitude in times of joy, life can become just so sweet.

'You must learn to master a new way to think before you can master a new way to be'.

I hope you enjoyed this long overdue post. I really hope to get back into writing but I just hope and pray that it is ok that I may try to help, from afar, those who may be searching for some sort of hope or answer. We are all in this together! Feel free to comment below or send me message if this helped you (it makes my day getting such kind lovely messages from you, it means the world that these posts are helping people) but if you are looking for support and guidance please reach out to a trusted friend, loved one or professional <3 Click here to subscribe to my newsletter for updates on new blog posts. I hope you enjoyed!

lots of love & peace & happiness

Lauren x

The Light Bulb Moment

A Moment of Light

'She realised she had this one. This big, bold and beautiful life. And she realized she didn’t want to live it chasing and crying and apologizing. Starving and fearing and regretting. She realized she wanted to live it proudly and freely and creatively. Lovingly and fully and sweetly. She realised she could choose. And so, she chose.'

It's been a while, a long while and I'm sorry. To be honest I became really scared of writing and sharing. I became terrified of sharing my truth, frightened to lay bare my vulnerabilities and afraid of what you, reading this right now, may think or do! It's so silly but in a way I became most afraid of what could happen..what someone could say, what someone could think and what someone could do but living in fear is no way to live and if I want to share my truth and inspire others than I have to embrace those fears and accept that they aren't going to just leave. The greatest reason though, and something different that I have grown to become really quite afraid of, of which my family and loved ones warned me about from day one, is of others who are struggling with their own pain and heartaches, asking for my support and guidance. I really want to help every aching soul on this earth, I would do anything to try my best to save and solder together your broken pieces but a few months ago it became a little overwhelming. 'Stop carrying other peoples monkeys on your back, it's not your job to save everyone', my loved ones often say, and so, I have taken a long break from writing. I wish that I could help you, heal your heart and mend your aching heart if you are struggling with pain right now, but I can not do that. I am just a young girl trying to find her way through her own sense of anguish while trying my best to enlighten and inspire you to perhaps work on navigating your own. It sounds so selfish and heartless, I'm so sorry. I pray and hope you find the inner strength and courage to reach out to a loved one, professional or someone who is themselves mentally strong enough and capable to help you...I am sorry that I am not that person but hopefully someday, when I am fully free, I can help you too.

Have you ever had a moment of clarity when everything seemed to fall into place? When everything suddenly made sense? When the lightbulb flickered and it all just clicked? When I began my recovery journey, I searched endlessly for the switch that would ignite the light in my darkness. I tried everything and anything to feed the insatiable search for a catalyst in my recovery. I teetered on the edge of the schism between life and death, recovery and illness, hoping that my hopes, supports, medications, treatments, loved ones and diminishing inner courage would eventually compile to bridge the gap; finally tempting me to step a shaking foot across. It never happened. You see I have always always wanted to get better. From the moment I first started throwing my little 4th class packed lunch away, I wanted to not have it to be this way. Even when I screamed that I would jump in front of car if an extra pea was placed on my plate, even when a lady found me collapsed on the side of the road from walking on empty, even when I let this illness pull me out of college...I wanted to get better; I just didn't know how. I know you may think, 'just eat, rest and gain weight!!', and I completely understand and agree that that is a major major aspect of recovery but I've tried that in my first admission...and it didn't work. I still felt the same ache in my soul and the same throbbing in my heart of which the only way I ever knew how to quieten, was through starvation. I've always believed I am bad. Not the kind of bad that commits crimes or intentionally hurts others...but the kind of bad that runs deep within my bones and seeps into every crevice of my being. An innate inherent evil, so horrific that I believed for so so so long that the only way I should be allowed to live, is with as little impact as possible. I began to question every breath my lungs sucked in, every word my lips allowed leave, and of course, every bite my mouth met...it was all too much. I was too loud, too lazy, too arrogant, too unkind, too selfish, too uncaring, too rude, too bossy, too ignorant...I was too much yet paradoxically never ever enough. I thought that if I gave and gave and gave...if I never took from this world, became perfect in my behaviour, impeccable in my thoughts, pure in my being; I would finally grant myself a permission slip to stay alive. An oxymoron that led to the further grip of anorexia onto my mind, body and soul. No matter how many months I spent in hospital, no matter how many therapists I saw, no matter how many self help books I read; nothing majorly substantial ever occurred in my recovery because while I always have wanted to get better, the desire to shrink, to take up less space, to never be the cause of any harm; always hid the how to get better. 

However, one day, with the saving grace of the universe or a higher entity of which I will be forever grateful, a beam of light appeared, the lightbulb twinkled ever so slightly and a glimmer of flickering hope began to glisten into my life. Like all magical fairytales, this began on the ruins of an old castle on a beautiful September's day. My cousin was getting married and I was surrounded by the unconditional love of dear ones and raptured by the differing beauty of strangers. Of course, the eating disorder was omnipresent, with every moment experienced through Anorexia's dark distortions. All that mattered to me that day was ensuring I survived the event, eating as little as possible while appearing completely normal and ok. It's funny how things can happen. How in one moment you can be encapsulated by something so evil only to be whisked away by a wave of love seconds later. When the bride and groom's first dance came on, I couldn't help but be consumed with the unequivocal power of unconditional, everlasting, unrestricted, limitless love. In that moment nothing else mattered to these two souls, to each other, they were and are perfect, whole and deserving. In that moment, the size of their hips nor the greatest of their self perceived failings were significant. In that moment, I realised, love was, and always has been, the answer. I thought I could hate myself into getting better. Just as I thought I could starve away the pain, run away the resentment and perfect away the loneliness; I thought I could crawl out of this illness while still maintaining the same internal bond. I had, of course, heard it over and over, 'in order to recover you have to be more compassionate towards yourself, you must develop a sense of self kindness, you need to stop being so hard on yourself'...but my stubborn desire for being anything less than perfect, was too powerful to ever imagine a moment of mindful softness. I didn't and still don't want to entertain the thought of coming to terms with who I am. To not only accept my authentic true self but to also contemplate that perhaps my personal greatest flaws are and were, never my own to begin with...but just another deceiving lie the eating disorder has trained me, and every other sufferer, to believe so it can further keep us under its wrath. I have come to realise, that even though I abhor the idea of not punishing and hating my mind and body, I have to come to terms with the fact that if I ever ever want to recover, I have to teeter into a world of possibilities, one in which I am not innately bad. I have to consider that I may too be worthy of love. That I may too be worthy of taking up space on this earth. That I may too be worthy of a life lived free of self imposed rules for simply existing. I don't believe any of these, yet, but rewiring a life long way of thinking and believing takes time, and, instead of grasping to subsist in the raven of a black and white world, I am trying to see the softer greys, I am working so hard to hopefully someday dream and dance in dazzling colour. I am beginning to finally allow this softness in and it feels all so terrifyingly scary yet at once beautifully magical. 

The day after, I wrote this, and I have remained committed, while at times extremely and impossibly hard, since.

'Today, marks the beginning of my new life. Today I discharged myself from my psychiatrist, dietician and therapist. I have spent the past eight years in and out of hospital and services, constantly giving my power over to others convincing myself that someone someday will save me, but nobody can, I have to finally really be brave, let go and save myself. I know deep down I have the power and strength within me to dive in; to actually eat, to rest, to let go. Today is the beginning of embarking on my full real recovery journey. I'm tired of talking about my past, of crying over one extra calorie, of failing and failing at meal plans, of being told my case is hopeless and that I'll never recover. I'm so hungry...for love, for life, for happiness, for freedom and of course for food as terrifying as that is to admit. I'm so sick, weak and tired of you Anorexia. Being with my family this weekend awakened me to how miserable I am, you destroy every moment with your constant screams. Anorexia, you have taken my life; I have left college because of you, hurt my family because of you, destroyed my health because of you, lost myself because of you, but this is the true beginning of me getting my life back and discovering the true Lauren, without you. I am terrified, truly petrified to eat, gain weight, not exercise, rest, be kind to my mind, body and soul but I can no longer let fear dominate my life. I choose to go all in now, this is going to be excruciating but I have to try to believe that there are people who truly love me, no matter what I look like or eat. I will destroy you Ana. I want my life back. I can't do it for myself yet but for now I do it for my loved ones; to stop their pain, to make them proud, to give back the endless love, care and support they relentlessly give to me. I am fully committing to using all my will and strength to oppose every thought and belief you poison my mind with and it's terrifying but I trust in the universe and its plan. I will not get fatter or horrible or fuller of badness. I will regain the life, love, weight and health you have stolen. I am determined this time and luckily I am surrounded by so much love and care and support. I am about to go out for morning tea and a scone with my mom. I haven't done or eaten this in 8 years. I'm shaking as I write this, I'm terrified but my life will be beautiful. If you never try you'll never know, if you never eat you'll never grow!'

'Nobody will protect you from your suffering. You can't cry it away or eat it away or starve it away or walk it away or punch it away or even therapy it away. It's just there, and you have to survive it. You have to endure it. You have to live through it and love it and move on and be better for it and run as far as you can in the direction of your best and happiest dreams across the bridge that was built by your own desire to heal.'

I hope you enjoyed this long overdue post. I really hope to get back into writing but I just hope and pray this it is ok that I may try to help, from afar, those who may be searching for some sort of hope or answer. Feel free to comment below or send me message if this helped you (it makes my day getting such kind lovely messages from you, it means the world that these posts are helping people) but if you are looking for support and guidance please reach out to a trusted friend, loved one or professional <3 I hope this post may help you in reigniting your dimming light bulbs hehe!  Click here to subscribe to my newsletter for updates on new blog posts. I hope you enjoyed!

lots of love & peace & happiness
Lauren x

The Heart Whispers

The Heart Whispers

I've been thinking a lot lately and I've been feeling very very scared. Scared of where I am, where I'm going and where I may end up. Change, a trip away, sudden surprises and the re-ignition of mental flames we perhaps thought we had once quenched, can cause us to really reevaluate and question everything. 

I find myself in a gushing stream, no control over the ravaging current while being dragged along with the flow, but, it isn't that bad, it's grand, it's ok...I say to myself. 

Suddenly yet inevitably I hit a whirlpool and in the midst of drowning I breathlessly scream, 'how did I get here?', 'why didn't I do something about this earlier when deep down I knew it wasn't alright?', 'how did I allow this to happen?!'. But then the wind changes, the current calms, the tide turns and I can paddle away from the pain.

However, the whirling water haunts me and its memories reveal nature's previous warning signs of which I ignored; believing that being dragged downstream is a quality existence, that a life dulled by fear and pain is ok because at least I'm not drowning; I'm just about breathing, head above water, somehow floating and perhaps that's all I'll ever deserve...I've learned to accept that perhaps, that is ok.

Such whirlpools shock me into questioning my beliefs and into recognising self-denial until the waves and whirls of memory begin to dissipate and I become accustomed to the terrifying currents once again, regaining the thoughts of 'at least long last, I am getting to experience the sea'

Such recent events however, I am trying not to simply swim through. In a way, I want to dissect and hold onto this pain because these feelings are the only times I feel scared enough to not only grab a life buoy but to hopefully get out of the gosh dam water!

The whirlpool I am talking about was a recent trip away with my family. It was magical yet at times I felt so miserable. I don't know how to describe these feelings other than through metaphor. I felt trapped behind a glass bubble, physically there and present, yet, like so very often, never able to fully reach through. On this trip I realised just how much this illness consumes my every moment. The lights were on but there was very much no one upstairs heheh. 

I stood in the Grand Canyon, one of the most beautiful, exquisite, magical places on this earth; a miraculous wonder in our beautiful blue home. I remember very little except for the numbers 140. That's all that was on my mind. The tour guide had poured us drinks. I took a quenched sip before checking the calorie label. 140. 'One hundred and forty calories. He had poured in half the bottle which meant there was 70 calories in my glass, perhaps 65 as the top half of the bottle is thinner than the bottom but I shall estimate 75 just incase. I took a large gulp which means I have approximately consumed 37.5 calories, 45 just incase I should ever be too lenient with myself. However I had spilled some when I tripped over that dirt rock so perhaps I only actually tasted 38 calories but lets stick with 45 just incase, I can't risk not accounting it. When we leave I will jiggle my legs on the journey home as we sit and we'll probably be walking another 4 more hours tonight so I should definitely burn it off. Keep walking, keep moving, keep doing and never forget how awful you are. How dare you do that, you're so stupid, you're disgusting, you're going to balloon up, you're worthless, you're horrible'. This repeated over and over and over and over in my head, like a never ending disk stuck on repeat. Suddenly it was time to leave and I poured the other half of the drink onto the sandy ground as well as emptying the rest of the bottle. I remember nothing. I can't remember ooo-ing over the intricate crevices of the endless winding valley floor or gasping at the never ending height of the towering walls. I took photos, I smiled, I laughed but I wasn't there..instead I was in my head; terrified, worried, frightened..too much so to take in and experience the unbelievable moment occurring around me. 

oh how one small moment can contain such great power

I feel stuck in this realm of being yet never feeling; numb, jealous yet terrified of what it must be like to be fully alive. I feel I am sitting in a dark cold room, watching this life pass me by on a black and white film reel, hoping and waiting that someone will save me; that someday I won't be behind the scenes, that something will happen and I will finally be centre stage of my own life; feeling, sensing, breathing, seeing, hearing, tasting...living.

I think for so long I have been looking for a sign. For someone to pull me away and give me an answer or tell me what to do, but instead, I have been left screaming into the hollow abyss with only my own reflection staring back. Maybe that is exactly what I needed...to finally tune in and listen to my aching wrenching heart. For so long I have been denying her. Each time she echoed a truth in beat with my own perceived reality, I ignored her. For what can a heart know? This little life force is emotional, it doesn't consider the externalities of 'real' life yet perhaps that's the most beautiful thing about it. It looks at our sterile ordered world and extracts from it the truth. Void of rules and religions, apathetic towards status and symbolism, nonchalant in fulfilling roles or gathering riches. I believe that while our brains and mindsets have evolved, our heart has remained constant. Each pulse a perpetual pursuit of the one thing I believe it has only ever solely craved; happiness. And so, when I stopped..when I got really quiet and tuned into her pulse instead of humming the ticking clock of our racing reality, I finally heard her. She quietly but defiantly whispered 'I can't live like this anymore'.

I am living my life through Anorexia and not through Lauren. For so long I have been telling myself that that's ok. I have convinced myself that it is ok to live through this black tunnel, occasionally glimpsing the brightness of white light. I am still very much so convinced but I'm scared, my gosh I am so so so terrified. The physical pain shadows in comparison to the mental anguish yet I can't help but still question, almost every second, if this is all real or not. I am also so so terrified of the future changes that I am about to make in my life and the fear of choosing different paths and not knowing at all where I will end up. I feel so lucky because I'm alive, thus I feel such self hatred and disgust for even questioning and considering that perhaps, just perhaps, a life lived in fullness, aliveness and capable of experiencing the light and the dark, adept in transmuting pain into love and gifted in beholding the beauty of true laughter as well as the sorrow of sincere tears, rather than a life lived through the dull, senseless, restrictive chasing of death, may just be the life I want, and maybe even deserve. With each scary worry and fear of disillusionment I pause in sequence to my pounding heart and its endless truth; 'I can't live like this anymore'. 

Dearest heart, I have denied your callings for so long yet have screamed with distrust in reaction to life's unravellings, blaming the unjustness of this world, aching for answers when perhaps, indeed, such faults were on me, and you, have held the answer all along.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope you will listen to you heart today. Please leave any suggestions or questions below in the comments section. Thank you so much for reading!

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 lots of love & peace & happiness

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